Plaza Gaming Network is a free to use, open to public gaming community originally founded in 2010.
Our focus is to bring you the best gaming experience with the highest audio quality for voice-comms.
Server is located in Gothenburg, Sweden @ T1 fiber connection, 512 slots license.

How to connect

We communicate with TeamSpeak.
To connect to our server type PLAZA or SWEDEN in TeamSpeak adress-field.

Download TeamSpeak here:


Server rules

・Cheating in online games is prohibited
・No offensive nicknames/avatars/channel names
・Don't disturb people playing or randomly join channels
・Be nice to each other

Rank system

Misuse of rank leads to demotion.

・Most rights

 VIP Gold
・Kick & ban (max 30 min)
・Listed at top
・Move users

 VIP +++
・Private message and poke
・Ignore channel max limit

・No special rights